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Who would have guessed that 5 Rolling Stones fangirls would find each other and form a Tribute that was born out of a mutual appreciation for THE most influential band in rock-n-roll?

Honky Tonk Women are not just another tribute. This is a girl-powered homage to the great music of The Rolling Stones. With a commitment to these incredible songs, here you will find an honest passion for the vast array of material from these iconic rock legends.

Starstruck by the Rolling Stones incredible Discography, Honky Tonk Women’s setlist is a roadmap through The Rolling Stones classic 60’s/70’s period. From “Street Fighting Man” to “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, HTW captures the sound and spirit from the Brian Jones era that shaped the group’s original sound. From “Brown Sugar” to “Honky Tonk Women”, these chicks shred the Mick Taylor era hits as well as the deep cuts, like “Monkey Man and “Bitch”. And of course, Honky Tonk Women nails the Ron Wood era with hits like “Start Me Up” to “Miss You”! Over 50 years of classic songs that everyone knows & loves!

Honky Tonk Women will light up the stage, with members who are seasoned veterans of the LA music scene. Comprised of outstanding female session and performing musicians, this 6-piece band delivers a loving dedication to the Stones.  recreating that huge sound, excitement and magic of the 1970’s.


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