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Laurie Sidis (aka Laurie ES) is an artist, musician, archivist, published journalist and graphic designer with extensive production experience. Her visual designs distinguish themselves with bold, popping color combinations. Laurie's  passion for contemporary art is peppered throughout, with the inclusion of pop culture art forms such as illustration, iconography and an impeccable sensibility of typography. Her expert skills in InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator enables a wide variety of concepts and medium. Through collaboration with a diverse range of clients & varied industries, she prioritizes readability, while immersing her love of music into a sonic aesthetic narrative.

The concept of Armadillcious is the melding of sound and vision that jumpstarts your memorybanks, hearkening back to a state of Deja-Vu. With a collective moniker that reflects her spirit animal, Laurie's admiration for these strange and wonderful creatures reflects the sturdiness, resiliency and permanance of the Armadillo. Armadillicious Design Clients include Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Cleopatra Records, Angry Love Productions, WEA International, Windsor Live Music, Dank Grasshopper Inc., Samson Music & Manic Panic.

Laurie has been employed by Island Def Jam, Penguin Books, The C.W., The Village Voice & Clearchannel.

Her Illustrations have appeared in The Album Network Magazine, Island/Def Jam Ozzfest Rockpile Sampler, CVC Video Report, LCD & Flesh & Bones Magazine.

A published journalist, her writing has appeared in The Album Network Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, The Village Voice, Seconds Magazine, Flipside Magazine, Noiseworks & Flesh and Bones Magazine. She was a DJ on the world-famous WFMU from 1982 - 1992 and continues to utilize her vast knowledge of music to compliment every project she works on.

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